Like a Diamond in the Sky

No matter where you are on this great big planet, you can gaze up at the clear night sky and see the stars twinkling above. And whoever you are, whatever you believe, wherever you originate from, if you slow down and take a moment to intentionally marvel at the vastness of the heavens, it's truly [...]

TPWL Father’s Day Gifts and a Brand New Adventure!

**If you don't feel like reading the why behind it all...feel free to scroll right down to the bottom and check out those gifts! Hellooooo, family! As always, I continually strive to derive new and better ways to serve you, bring a positive spin to this community, and further my 3-tiered mission here at #thepilotwifelife [...]

Super-SHE-ro, Captain Tammie Jo Shults, We Salute You

There's no doubt that you have all already heard about the crazy events that transpired surrounding flight 1380 yesterday. I will skip the terrifying details because you can read them on a million different other sites already. What I want to focus on instead is the identity of the pilot who safely brought home a [...]

Aviation Sisters

Being a pilot wife is...well, unique. It's feeling like you live two completely separate, unrelated lives - the one when your husband is home and the one when he's not - and trying to find some kind of balance between the chaos of the two. It's watching your husband pack everything he owns into his [...]

Where Did Foxtrot Come From Anyway?

"Yes, that's A as in apple, N as in Nancy, G as in giraffe..." And my all-time favorite, unofficial letter clarification that I've ever actually heard uttered from someone's lips (to date)..."that's U as in uterus!" Can you imagine having big, macho men all over the world coming over the airwaves with those deep, sexy, [...]

Just Stop

I recently sat across the table from another woman over a dinner of sub-par pizza at a unexceptional restaurant. We attempted to have some semblance of a conversation despite the persistent din of her young children, who apparently found our attempts at female fellowship dull, at best. It was my first time meeting her, and [...]