Super-SHE-ro, Captain Tammie Jo Shults, We Salute You

There's no doubt that you have all already heard about the crazy events that transpired surrounding flight 1380 yesterday. I will skip the terrifying details because you can read them on a million different other sites already. What I want to focus on instead is the identity of the pilot who safely brought home a [...]

Aviation Sisters

Being a pilot wife is...well, unique. It's feeling like you live two completely separate, unrelated lives - the one when your husband is home and the one when he's not - and trying to find some kind of balance between the chaos of the two. It's watching your husband pack everything he owns into his [...]

Where Did Foxtrot Come From Anyway?

"Yes, that's A as in apple, N as in Nancy, G as in giraffe..." And my all-time favorite, unofficial letter clarification that I've ever actually heard uttered from someone's lips (to date)..."that's U as in uterus!" Can you imagine having big, macho men all over the world coming over the airwaves with those deep, sexy, [...]

Just Stop

I recently sat across the table from another woman over a dinner of sub-par pizza at a unexceptional restaurant. We attempted to have some semblance of a conversation despite the persistent din of her young children, who apparently found our attempts at female fellowship dull, at best. It was my first time meeting her, and [...]

Six Reasons to Celebrate not Celebrating (on Valentine‚Äôs Day)

If you are married to aviation...errr...I mean someone in aviation (is there a difference?) you know that it definitely affects many every aspect of your daily lifestyle. From where you live (about a zillion miles from anyone you actually know) to your newfound ability to single-handedly deal with the venomous snake curled up on your [...]

Never, Ever Marry a Pilot

Tuesday night I asked a seemingly simple question on my The Pilot WifeLife Facebook page: How did you meet your aviation spouse? The response was breathtaking and diverse, as I knew it would be! Because you, my family, are breathtaking and diverse. "He's a gift!" "My best friend." "Married 41 years. He passed almost 2 [...]