Unique Gift Ideas for Your Pilot or Aviation Enthusiast

I am going to tell you a little secret—I am the world’s worst gift picker! No, seriously, I mean it!

My pilot? Now he has a real talent in this particular area. He never fails to come up with something that is so spectacularly thoughtful, unique, or heartfelt that it makes me melt and turn into a mushy, blubbery mess, which is saying something since I’m not really the most emotional person on the planet either.

It’s almost not fair! For example, last year for our anniversary he collaborated secretly for months ahead of time with an attorney friend of ours to turn my long-time dreams of owning my own publishing company into a reality. On our anniversary, over my favorite dinner of a medium-well ribeye paired with loaded mashed potatoes (because bacon makes everything better), he presented me with the official LLC paperwork for AGF Publishing

Insert mushy, blubbery mess.

In comparison, I very thoughtfully got him something that I can’t even remember…maybe another shirt that didn’t quite fit right? Yeah, that’s how I roll. 

It’s not even for lack of trying because I honestly do! I’m just…really, really cruddy at it. I can do a lot of things well; this is not one of them.

Holidays and occassions? Well, they just sort of sneak up on me like a tomcat on an unsuspecting mouse! I honestly think it’s because my life is measured in increments of trips instead of actual days. Most people have 30 days in a month…I have two trips. Am I the only one? 

I’ll think I have plenty of time to get it done… 

And KABOOM! Just like that only one trip has passed but it’s two normal human days before said occasion and I’m desperately scouring Amazon for something that delivers overnight…for free because, hey, I’m a pilot’s wife. The heck if I’m paying for shipping. Am I right, or am I right? 

Thankfully, he loves me anyway. In fact, I kind of think secretly he sees it as just another of my endless endearing qualities (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it).

So. If you are anything like me, you are always looking for a unique and fun gift idea to get your husband when those holidays and special occasions come around. 

But seriously! What do you get a guy that has has everything he wants and buys whatever he needs when he needs it? I’ve been doing some research, and I have found these very unique aviation themed items from some very amazing vendors to help you find just the right thing you are looking for so you can be a way better (like infinity times infinity better) gift picker than me! But hey, don’t take my word for it (please don’t take my word for it!). Check them out for yourselves…and keep those receipts. You know, just in case!


You can either grab the nearest scrap of paper (napkin, back of a mac & cheese box, you name it) like me and fashion yourself a good ol’ last minute work of art with whatever medium you happen to have on hand, or you can check this out! I mean, woah! There’s something to be said for my Sharpie and Taco Bell wrapper sentiments…but this card is the one. You can even add a specialized message to this jet themed pop-up card. Click here to check it out! And for all my whirlybird friends out there, there is even a Blackhawk helicopter version! Click here to check that one out! And if one of those don’t float your boat then there are a zillion other options for every hobby under the sun. Well, almost!




These are my personal contribution to the unique gift idea lot. My personal favorite is the cute matching daddy/child tee set. Don’t worry, it comes in blue for boys too! All items are available in multiple styles and colors. By request there’s even an option for husbands of a female pilots. So yeah, just go check them out here!!



Flight Level Furnishings is bringing your passion for aviation furnishings to the home and office. If you can dream it, Randy can build it! At Flight Level Furnishings, finding the perfect balance of wood, metal, glass, and colors are crucial in designing your perfect decor. These are unique, one of a kind pieces made to order to your specifications. You will not find finer work anywhere. My very favorite piece is the sectional chart table pictured above, but I also love the runway sign credenza! He can make anything you dream up. Owner and artist Randy Woodcock is not a pilot, but rather an aviation enthusiast who puts his obsession to work in his furnishings (or are they works of art!?). He also does volunteer work in the aviation community, and I had the pleasure of working alongside of him at our recent aviation event for special needs children. His superb craftsmanship and love of aviation can be felt in each and every piece. If your home is in aviation theme, or your guy has a man cave, these pieces will be the perfect compliment to your decor. Check out his website here and his Facebook page here



I was looking for a unique gift for my pilot recently, and I stumbled upon this great item and purchased it. Let me just say that I was a little skeptical of it when I bought it, but hey, it’s me we’re talking about. I was afraid it would look cheap or be poorly constructed. However, when I received it I was very pleased! The item was beautifully crafted and the work was quality. And guess what? My pilot actually liked it! Pilot wife for the win. This is such a unique and yet affordable gift, and my favorite part is that it can be customized. There are many items already available in the store, but if your pilot has a favorite beverage that holds special memories for him (and comes in a can) then you can send the cans in if the artist does not already have them available, and he will gladly custom make a piece just for you. For my pilot, that was a beverage from his home state, and the artist was very accommodating to my needs. These planes make great conversation pieces and look really cute in the garden, office, man cave, or front porch. The little propellers even spin. Okay, so sue me. It’s the little things that count! Check out these fantastic beer/soda can airplane spinners here!



This is such a cute item and a must add to your pilot’s office! It is handmade (which I love!), 7.5 inches long, and finished with brushed nickel. It also comes with a handy dandy display box, so that saves you all the trouble of trying to find an old cereal box and some sectional charts to wrap it up in. I’m just saying! Oh, and did I mention that when the propeller is sitting on the desk, it actually spins? I mean, seriously though! And guess what whirlybird family! They even have a helicopter blade letter opener too! Check out this unique item here!



If you are looking for something personalized for your pilot or aviation enthusiast, these signs are a winner. They are handmade from quality aluminum. They specialize in making personalized signs that will be great for any any man cave, office, basement, garage, college dorm, kids bedroom, game room, bar, pub, tavern or countless other places. Though I don’t have any personal experience with this vendor (yet…hint hint!?), I like what I am seeing on their store, and their items are very reasonably priced. Check them out here!



We know our guys have to keep those passports on them at all times or else… Well, they just do! Instead of juggling a wallet and a passport, they can keep all of their cards, money, and passport in one place in this beautifully handmade leather wallet. I love that it is made to order and can be monogrammed with your pilot’s initials. It is also a minimalist design, because unlike me, my pilot does not seem to enjoy gaudy, flowery, wordy items but rather seems to prefer these clean ‘manly’ looks. Each to his/her own, I suppose! Check out these fantastic items here!



Although these items are a little on the pricier side, they are absolutely stunning. This particular artist features a variety of lamps, clocks, phone holders, propellers, necklaces, and lots of other items all crafted from airplane parts. I do not have any personal experience with their work, but they have some pretty unique items in their store that caught my eye. Check them out here.

I hope you find some unique and fun gift ideas for the pilots and aviation enthusiasts in your life at some of these awesome vendors. And if the shirt doesn’t fit…remember it’s the thought that counts…right?

I love you, aviation family!


Angelia (a terrible gifter and fellow pilot wife)


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